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SpeakyText is the fastest blogging system on the internet. Easily turn your blog into podcat

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Listen to Audio Articles

SpeakyText is the first blogging system that make it possible for all writers to turn their text articles into audio articles. Users who visit your blog will be able to read or listen to your articles.

Why should you use SpeakyText?

SpeakyText is Free

You can create unlimited blogs under one account and publish unlimited articles on these blogs. You will get RSS link for each of your blogs so you can submit them to apple podcast or any other podcasting directories.

SpeakyText is Very Fast

Search engines likes SpeakyText because it loads very fast and responsive in all computers and mobile devices. The loading speed will help your articles rank heighr in search pages such as Google or Bing.

SpeakyText is Accessible

SpeakyText designed with accessibility in mind to help visually impaired and dyslixic people to easly listen and browse all of your articles.

Text to Human-like Speech

SpeakyText developed a unique editor that gives you the ability to convert your text articles into audio article using artificial intelegince. the produced speech is hard to tell it is not real human voice. We support 28 languages and 58 different voices includes Men, Women, and Children voices for more realistic experience. Try it here.

Simple Text Editor

Our simple WYSIWYG editor with minmum options to keep you out of crowd and colorful ugly styles. Try it here.